Using astrology to aid your shadow work – Black Lilith Moon

Black Moon Lilith is a point in the sky in which the moon is farthest from the earth.
A story of Lilith because you know I’m a nerd for these things.
In some Jewish mythology/folklore, Lilith is told to be Adams’s first wife before Eve. Rather than being created from his rib as Eve, she was created with the same clay as Adam. In the stories, she refuses to be subservient to Adam stating that they are equals, and leaves the Garden of Eden. She was portrayed as a demoness and the story goes that the angels killed hundreds of her children a day for her disobedience. There has been a turnaround on the view of Lilith as being the original woman to fight for equality.
Throughout history, you see Liliths everywhere. The women who dared to stand out from the crowd, out of comfort, safety, and security. Speak their mind, understand their worth, and live by it.
The too much woman.
I imagine that many of us can look back into our own families and see versions of Lilith. See how everyone speaks of her. I’ve been working on my family tree and the more I delve into the lives of the women who went before me I feel more and more grounded in being all of who I am. Women who left husbands, who had a child out of wedlock, who worked for a living. Spoken about as if they were mad, deranged, a loose wire. An elder member of my family bought her own house in her 30’s and rumour spread about how she did so. Who knows, there was no fact to back any story. What she did was against the norm, viewed to be disrespectful of the family. They were ashamed of her. How sad.
It wasn’t the men that said as much. It was the women. Women turn on others who display behaviour that deeply they desire to. Gobsmacked that anyone should have the audacity to be authentic, assertive, true to themselves.
This is the Black Lilith Moon placement. The unfiltered part of you. The part that really doesn’t give a shit about fitting in and living according to social norms.
When we suppress that instinctual part of ourselves we are triggered by it in others, it bothers us, offends us, we dislike those people.
To find out more about your placement you can calculate your placement here – https://cafeastrology.com/whats-my-black-moon-lilith.html
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Does it resonate with you?


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