• Gain Clarity.
  • Be inspired and motivated.
  • Receive guidance around money/relationship/career/family/goals and your general life path.
  • Gather insights into your patterns of behaviour.
  • Get reassurance.
  • Spiritual guidance.
  • Get support with decision making and action plans.
  • Receive aid in releasing limiting thoughts holding you back.
  • Discover more of how to align with who you authentically are.

Remote Readings

I offer tarot and oracle readings via zoom and other video call options. As I work with your energy and spirit, I do not need to be physically present, and the same amount of information can be gathered. You

Tarot & psychic readings are offered by telephone & Zoom (other video call options available). As I am working with your energy and the guidance of spirit, it is not confined by being in proximity to the sitter. Consequently, we retrieve the same amount of information remotely as we do when sitting with someone face-to-face.

Face to face readings

Each month I am offering face to face readings at

Mystic Earth

3 Eastgate


SY23 2AR

Due to the very limited appointments available I recommend booking ahead.

Within my card readings I offer a unique blend of card interpretation, psychic information, and coaching tools. 

Tarot is not a fortune-telling tool. I look for likely outcomes however ultimately your choices determine events that unfold. Tarot and oracle readings can help you make the decisions for your highest good. You will never be told what you should do. You will be offered suggestions to empower you to make positive changes in your life and in order to navigate challenging situations.

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I also offer readings through etsy. These readings come in the form of a recorded video or pdf. Take a look at my shop, the listings are increased and updated weekly. 

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