1-1 sessions are an effective way to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be.

My sessions have a unique twist to them in that approach them from a holistic perspective. Bringing together my expertise in psychotherapy, spiritual and energy healing.

Coaching is not about fixing you, I don’t believe you are broken. You have all that you need, I as your coach and mentor will help you gain access to your inner knowing in a caring and positive way.

I am passionate about connecting people to who they really are and guiding them to alignment with their values, goals and aspirations.

Coaching empowers you to live your life more fully, more confidently. It allows you to gain clarity, heal and explore your options.

The sessions provide you with the time and space to be fully listened to and understood by someone non-judgmental and unbiased.

We can often feel demotivated, lacking focus, as though we are not making the best decisions for ourselves. I have a wide range of skills and experiences that I can use to support you. To aid you in leading a more fulfilling life and putting you back behind the steering wheel of it.

I offer 1-1 video call sessions designed for your needs.

If you have identified a particular area you’d like to work on, we can look at that. But we don’t always know what is keeping us stuck, just that something is. In that case, we can discover and uncover together.

You can book your enquiry call using the calendar below.