I know what it is to be in a place of utter despair, confusion and grief. To be unable to say no. To feel like an imposter in the room. To be afraid to speak up for myself. To be pushed into a corner for fear of confrontation. To chase after people not meant for me who treated me with a lack of respect. To not feel enough, for the career I desired, the relationship I desired, the confidence I desired. To feel unheard.

The day came when I had to draw a line and say enough is enough. I was tired of feeling like a victim. My resentment had turned inwards, creating a toxic concoction of self-loathing and blame. It had bled into all aspects of my life – my parenting, my career, my relationships with others and myself. I knew my children deserved more. Over time, I realised I did too.

My journey took 15 years, several false starts and money I couldn’t afford. I struggled to find my way without guidance. I took various forms of counselling but didn’t feel healed. Eventually, I discovered what works and went on my own journey. Now, I’m sharing what I learned with others.


I believe to truly help others you must have been through and experienced their truth. My truth is I have healed from sexual abuse, childhood rape, grooming, sex work, child loss, betrayal, bigamy and the breakdown of relationships. I have examined the very core of who I am and found confidence, resilience and love.

Today, I am living the life I longed for but never believed I could have. I’m in a loving relationship and am surrounded by a small network of people who love and support me. This is the real me.

I am here to say this is possible for you too. You deserve love and happiness.

My credentials

I am a:

  • Qualified holistic and spiritual coach and mentor
  • Neuro linguistic practitioner
  • Energy healer
  • CBT practitioner
  • Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists