Amy Whistance

Shadow Work Witch

Are you ready to transform the relationship you have with yourself? I guide women like you on a journey of deep healing – from low self-esteem, unfulfillment, and quiet desperation to confidence, self-fulfillment, and empowerment.

Podcast – The Shadow Work Witch

Guiding you through deep inner healing

It’s time to reveal the power of YOU.

You already have everything you need to rewrite your story within you. But it needs uncovering from beneath the false beliefs, fears and defence mechanisms that traumatic events and experiences have forced upon you. The things you have told yourself for so long they have become your truth.

How I Can Help

Come and join our coven.

Start here – click the button below to join our support group of women looking to rebuild confidence within themselves, grow and create real change in their lives.

Empowering Books For Women

A fantastic gift to women. Two best-selling books to guide, inspire, coach women on a journey to self-empowerment.

About me

Today, I am living the life I longed for but never believed I could have. I’m in a loving relationship and am surrounded by a small network of people who love and support me. This is the real me.

I am here to say this is possible for you too. You deserve love and happiness.

My credentials

I am a:

  • Qualified holistic and spiritual coach and mentor
  • Neuro linguistic practitioner
  • Energy healer
  • CBT pratitioner
  • Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists

Other ways I can help you.


                I don’t claim I can ‘fix’ you, I don’t believe you are broken. I can help guide you:

  •  In gaining a better understanding of yourself.
  • In creating healthier relationships with yourself and others.
  • In truly knowing that you are worthy, in all things.
  • In recognising that what you think, feel and say matters.
  • In setting healthy boundaries
  • In healing past deep wounds.
  • To integrate your shadow and wounded inner child.
  • To become confident.
  • To trust in yourself, your intuition and all that supports you.

         It’s time to reveal the power of YOU.

Your authentic, glowing, glorious self is there behind the mask you wear to protect yourself.

My purpose and passion in life is to guide women like you and I who have faced adversity to rebuild their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love.

Because traumatic events and experiences affect us on a mental, physical and spiritual level, I take a holistic approach considering mind, body and spirit.

My Blog

Guiding you. Inspiring you. Encouraging you.

These posts are here to share inspiring stories, actionable steps and to guide you to a better understanding of yourself.

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